A glimpse into the ramblings of my mind.

ITLP Teaching Artists, past and present.
Photo – Reinaldo Green

I leave for Africa in less than a week. There are lists everywhere, on my phone, on my desk, in my head. I keep checking things off of them, but the lists don’t seem to get any shorter. In the meantime, work keeps coming my way. Yep, that ol’ saying about how if you want to book work as an actor, book a trip somewhere and the work will come pouring in; the saying that I thought would never apply to me; well it just did! And I’m grateful, very grateful, but my mind feels like its ready to explode. I’m trying hard to focus on one thing at a time.

I check Facebook, hoping for a distraction – of course it doesn’t work – too much information in my face. And then I look at this photograph taken a few weeks ago at the International Theater and Literacy Project (ITLP)  training weekend, and calmness ensues. These are some of the wonderful volunteer artists who will be joining me on an adventure in Africa this summer. Teams are headed to Rwanda, Tanzania and Cape Town to work with children, introduce them to the Imagination, teach them Theater, create a play with them, and rehearse for a 3 show run – one for their community, one for a play festival and one for their school. There’s a lot of work to be done!

In the midst of all the lists, I keep thinking – however much we came into the field of the Arts to be amidst creativity, expression and the joys of artistry, the other side to it, the business side, becomes a harsh truth if not embraced immediately. I, for one, am constantly striving towards maintaining a balance between the two without losing heart and patience.

The training weekend was a beautiful experience – everyone was there because they WANTED to be there. No one had to leave to head to meetings, or rehearsals, or other mysterious busyness that becomes such a predominant and sometimes even pretentious factor in our lives as artists. This was a generous group of people who were there to Give with no expectations other than the fulfilling and most likely, life-changing experience this was to be. It was humbling to share the room with them.

Back to the lists. . . Sigh!

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