Kids will be kids… No matter where you go!

We finished the first week with our class yesterday. Through the day, we had a sprinkling of kids ask us if we were going have class for the entire day. We said yes. If we asked why, they ‘just wanted to know’. Even Anthony, the History teacher, who is with us every day made sure he asked us the schedule for the day. After lunch, they were all over the building and we didn’t understand why. On any other day, they would be playing a game together, ready for us. As we walked to class, one of the girls, Clara, was walking out with a book in her hand. She was ‘going to the library to return the book’. OK, we had enough hints to ask what exactly was going on. Why was it so important to return a book at that moment. Apparently, on Fridays after lunch the entire school went out to play.

Duh! Of course! When we let them go, they were thrilled. We later noticed that the library was conveniently located right next to the area where they play soccer, and that Clara was playing, book in hand. She told us she was ‘just about to return the book’. Lol! I went back to my school days for a minute – the same excitement on our faces when a teacher was absent, or class was rescheduled for whatever reason.

We have incredible kids. I can’t say it enough. And it’s endearing to watch them get used to us, and relax a little bit more through the week. From impeccable behavior, to chewing gum in class, passing notes to each other, getting into tussles over Zip-Zap-Zop. It’s a pleasure to do that kind of classroom management.

So at the end of the week, we have a rough draft of our play! All written by them through writing prompts and improv. There’s a lot of work to do this weekend, putting it all together into a script. Can’t wait!


At the end of the day, the little ones who wonder who we are through the day, come running to our car to play.

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  1. Kids help us re connect to that eternal me and so we want to be with them more. They make all the other stuff pale in comparison. The sunbeams of our days!


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