Three Adults, a Machete and a Door.

The weekend was spent in Tengeru with the rest of the team at Mama Esther’s Lodge, full of stories, laughter and animal sightings. A ton of work got done as well, including a finished script with copies for our class.

Somewhere during the middle of Sunday, Farah can’t find her key to her room at the lodge. (yes, I am referring to myself in third person, because it’s just too embarrassing to refer to myself as myself at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get over it soon enough!) She is very lucky that the lodge happens to have spare keys; except that they are all mixed together in one big box. After trying about 30 different keys, the right one finally unlocks the door. All is back to normal in her world.

Later that night, Farah and Ione sadly bid goodbye to the rest of the team as they head back to Mama Tesha’s house, their home for the rest of that week. Interestingly enough, Farah can’t seem to find her key to her room at Mama Tesha’s. Could this really be happening? Of course, this time, there is no spare key, and the lock is a bolt on the door, not something one can easily break. Ione generously offers her room for the night. Phone calls are made and things are supposed to get resolved the next morning at 7 30. Around 8 am, there is a knock on the door. It is Shayo – the man with the plan who has come to break the lock. There is no power so one person holds a flashlight while the other one starts working with the door. A screwdriver is not big enough, so a machete appears from the kitchen. Farah is experiencing a  lot of emotions, the most prominent one being sheer embarrassment – here are three people who have so much work to do, but are standing outside a door, trying to crank it open. All because one person couldn’t keep her keys in order. Everyone found humor in the eventful morning.

In the meantime, Ione and Farah can’t be waiting much longer. They have to head to school. Farah can only hope that when she returns that evening, her room will be accessible again. It was.

We have come to believe that everything happens in threes. Between these two incidents and the 10 minutes that Farah thought she had lost her phone that day, her quota of three is officially over. She is one helluva lucky gal and she is not going to forget that.

Now, every time Ione locks her room, she makes extra sure she doesn’t pull a Farah!


Shayo, Modest and Spora hard at work. Farah's way of being useful was to document the event.

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