August in Bombay – A visual delight!


It starts with Rakshabandhan - siblings pledge to take care of each other, more so the brothers! Sisters tie rakhis, (beautiful, ornate wrist-threads) to their brothers, who in turn shower their siblings with gifts. Photo: Deccan Herald


Gokulashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. Human pyramids form to get to the top to smash the pot (traditionally full of buttermilk, but now also full of money) suspended mid air. There is a lot of intoxication that goes with the celebration. I was almost a victim of a water bag and banana peel thrown in my direction. The roads are full of trucks carrying youth on a mission - to break as many pots as possible!


15th August - India's Independence Day.


Parsi New Year - Soonaiji Agiary all lit up on the eve of the occasion.


Eid - Thousands celebrate at the Mosque at Haji Ali for the next few days.

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  1. Great Visuals!


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